Happy Holidays

Wishing every one a happy holiday/Merry Christmas!

All the best in the new year!!


Last week, while I was scrolling through EventBrite, I came across a networking event entitled, Healthy and Happy Women. It was an event tailored for women who wanted to share ideas and motivate one another.

It piqued my interest and days later I made my way to the first meeting. That day happened to be World Kindness Day. We spoke about what kind acts we had done that day. Everyone agreed that doing one small act of kindness a day can make a difference.

Just holding a door for a stranger or wishing someone a great day, is one way to make someone’s day better. We don’t know what people are going through in their personal life. Be it a health issue, financial problems, a loss, or just simply having a bad day.

A small act of kindness can not only make someone’s day but can also change a life! So, we should all make the effort to perform one act of kindness daily. Kindness leaves a lasting impression. Let’s make everyday World Kindness Day!

Finding Your Voice

Earlier this summer, I completed a Public Speaking and Presentation course at Humber College. I learned about the importance of finding my voice and how to speak confidently in public. My classes involved tasks in which each student had to speak while being recorded. This was totally out of my comfort zone! The moment the camera was on, I froze!

One of my assignments was to recite and analyze famous speeches. I chose both Oprah’s Golden Globe speech and Michelle Obama’s speech in support of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential election. I have always admired both women because they use their voices to inspire others and are very passionate about their messages. Both Oprah and Michelle gave messages of hope and encouragement to speak your truth!

After reflecting on their messages, and rereading certain quotes numerous times, I realized that I had never had the confidence to speak my truth! Years of being bullied caused me to be self-conscious when I spoke. It had affected me so much that even when I was asked a simple question, I became nervous. In fact, I realized that I was afraid of saying what was on my mind.

During both my elementary and secondary school years, I was often laughed at when I answered questions in class. This would make me question whether I had answered correctly or if I had misinterpreted the question. Eventually, I stopped participating during discussions. I felt it would easier to remain silent.

Keeping silent not only affected the way I spoke but also the way I communicated my thoughts on important issues. I would constantly over-think what I should say because I worried I would be judged. Maybe my opinion didn’t matter… or maybe I was just insecure. I didn’t realize at the time how much being bullied had impacted the power of my voice – my truth!

Public Speaking taught me that finding your voice isn’t about speaking loudly in a room but about finding the confidence in your voice and in your message. I knew it was time to voice my opinion on important topics and not worry about what people might think.

I have learned that no one should never be afraid to speak their mind. Never allow others to take away your voice. Bullies may try to silence you but as Oprah said, “Speaking your truth is the most important tool we all have.”

I found my voice again…and I’m not afraid to speak my truth!


Alexandra Kayla




The air cools and becomes crisp.

The leaves begin to fall and change colours.

They blanket the ground in a multitude of colours like an heirloom quilt.

Autumn brings out the hidden beauty in nature.

It’s a time for change and new beginnings.

It’s a chance to start a new life.

Are you ready for autumn?

A new season begins.


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My Quarter-Life Crisis!


Oh boy, it looks like I’m officially dealing with a QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS!

A few years ago, I was reading a series of advice articles and I couldn’t help being drawn to the one entitled, “How to Deal with a Quarter-Life Crisis”. It was the first time I had heard that expression and I was curious to find out what it actually meant. I did a quick Google search on my laptop and hundreds of articles popped up: “Signs You’re Having a Quarter-life Crisis,” “How to Overcome Your Quarter-Life Crisis”, ‘Powering Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis” etc. I remember thinking, was such a crisis even possible?

I started to think back to the major events that have happened over the last few years. I had just graduated from college and realized that I wasn’t happy with the program choice I had made.  Do 18 year olds really know what they want to…

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“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different, it’s accepting the past for what it was, and using this moment and this time to help yourself move forward.”

Oprah Winfrey

I was once told, that when you forgive someone you are doing it for yourself and not for the one who hurt you. At first, it didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t understand how it was possible. I was better at holding grudges than forgiving people. I used to think that forgiving people meant that I still was condoning their actions in someway.

When I was in school, I held a grudge against several classmates that had bullied me for years.  I was bullied daily for one thing or another!  The bullying continued until the month before I graduated! It was finally over! I vowed to hold a grudge forever! I convinced myself that they didn’t deserve my forgiveness.

As time went on, I bottled my feelings and continued to build up a lot of anger.  I kept to myself and avoided making friends. I just thought it would be easier. I didn’t share my feelings with anyone but I knew it wasn’t healthy. It took me quite a few years to finally let go and release the anger that was consuming me inside.

“THAT’S IT! I’M DONE!” I said this aloud over and over until I believed myself!

I could finally breathe … slowly inner peace began to set in.

Today, I’m a much stronger individual. I’m still healing, but one thing I’ve learned is that holding onto anger won’t change what has happened but I can definitely focus on what it’s taught me!

I often read Oprah’s quote to remind me of her deep message. I now not only realize, but also believe, that forgiveness doesn’t take away what the other person did or said,  it’s about allowing yourself to be free and to move forward in a healthy way!